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Dr. Aura Tovar

Chiropractor, Life Coach, Public speaker with Dynamic Chiropractic Center

Allison Gollner

Yoga is for all body shapes and sizes and everybody can practice it, according to Allison Gollner, Yoga Instructor & Studio Manager at greenmonkey® yoga, and Paula Walker, Yoga Instructor & Director of Marketing and Events at greenmonkey® yoga. They say the whole body is involved in yoga practice. The specialists also affirm people can […]

Mariana Sanchez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor with Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, FIU

Meric Tendrich

CPR technique is similar in both children and adults, says Dr. Zulma Berrios, Chief Medical Officer at West Kendall Baptist Hospital. In the case of little kids, explains the specialist, two fingers can be used and in bigger kids one or the two hands can be used. The important things are pushing the blood out […]