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Unni Greene

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist with SoMi Fitness

Felix Flores

What are the differences between strength training and other forms of exercise? Felix Flores, Strength and Conditioning Specialist with DBC Fitness, talks about this very intense exercise, how is the resistance in this type of exercise, and what are the benefits of strength training weekly. There are some health conditions that can be improved with […]

Jaclyn Willms

Personal Trainer & Posture Therapist With 15 years in the fitness and health industry, Jaclyn strives to provide quick & easy tips to help you live a healthier & happier life right now. Jaclyn opened her own Personal Training Studio in 2013, following her dream of making fitness fun and accessible. Her mission is to […]

Henry Guzman

To take control of your health you have to acknowledge that something is wrong. Henry Guzman, Registered Nurse and Exercise Physiologist at Baptist Health South Florida, says it could be difficult, because acknowledgement is probably the biggest first step and then you have to figure out why it is that you want to get healthy. […]