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Our experts in Nutrition

Thi Squire

Are you consuming high quality food? Thi Squire, Community Garden Project Manager of the Grow2Heal Garden at Homestead Hospital, explains how you can determine the quality of your food by paying attention to the growing technique, freshness, and additives, for example. Portion size is a great way to start cutting down on sugar. Thi Squire, […]

Caroline Ehrlich

Clinical Director with Oliver-Pyatt Centers

Drew Thomason

Are you a fan of mustard? Drew Thomason, Executive Chef at Homestead Hospital, shows how to prepare a healthy and delicious recipe with mustard, garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and olive oil. You can avoid high sodium content in your food while cooking. Drew Thomason, Executive Chef at Homestead Hospital, gives you some healthy tips […]

Cindy Hutson

Celebrity Chef with Miami Cancer Institute and Owner of Ortanique on the Mile