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The Conditions that Obesity can Cause

Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and respiratory disease are some of the conditions that obesity can cause.

Dr. Jorge Rabaza, Chief of Surgery with South Miami Hospital, explains how most of these conditions are caused or worsened by overweight.

Let’s take a list of what obesity can cause because it’s not just you can’t get into your know your size two jeans it’s a serious issue. Yes it is absolutely for example cancer to order three prevalent cancers in the United States and two more are mostly in women so breast cancer in postmenopausal women are higher in obese women and also endometrial cancer which is the cancer of the uterus is higher in women that are obese one of the things that we see the gynecologist will send us patients to operate on them after they cured them there are no mutual cancer because they know that even though we took they took out that cancer and they don’t have the cancer anymore those patients in particular are more likely to die from the obesity than they are of the cancer the other thing we see is colon cancer both in men and women more prominent in obese patients the other thing that we see a lot too today today and it’s epidemic in the world and especially nine eight states is diabetes and is type two diabetes there’s more type 2 diabetics now than there has been in the history of the world because there’s more obese patients and approximately eighty-five percent of people who are diabetic are going to be obese of the type 2 diabetes high blood pressure high blood pressure as you know is a problem there’s a lot of people with hypertension a huge proportion of people in the United States have hypertension hypertension can lead to kidney disease it could lead to strokes heart attacks so on and so forth and then we also have cholesterol heart disease cholesterol and heart disease the the data on cholesterol is a little bit different than we thought at one time there’s a good cluster on the bad ones and those sorts of things but we know that the bad cholesterol elevated by cluster is associated with heart disease. And last respiratory disease. The main respiratory disease that we see is something called sleep apnea and for people that may not know sleep evidence of disease where one of the symptoms that the patients have is at night when they’re snoring loudly and they’ll be snoring all night and all the sudden they’ll stop the person sleeping next to them will kind of nudge them because they think that they’re not gonna take a next breath but they will eventually.

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