The Importance of Fixing a Bad Bite

Dr. Arnaldo Lopez, CEO & General Dentist with SOMI Dental Group, affirms bite is so important, because it causes so many different conditions in the future.
He says he incorporates bite in his practice, because when the teeth are straighter, people clean the teeth so much easier and it helps to reduce the risk for periodontal disease in the future.
The doctor explains what the Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is. He adds when the bite is not well, it gets worse.
Diana Perez-Caballero, Lead Dental Hygienist with SOMI Dental Group, also says TMD can cause gum inflammation and then later on life, periodontal disease, bone loss, recession of gums and sensitivity.

Help us understand the importance of not only maintaining straight teeth but having that proper bite that’s really important isn’t it yeah super important so it’s one of the things that we diana and I focus on the most as part of like the initial patient consultation we look at bite and bite is so important it causes so many different conditions in the future so one of the things that we look at is how can we fix that by with either braces or Invisalign so we incorporate that as part of like our oral hygiene or why because when the teeth are straighter you’re able to clean the teeth so much easier and it helps reduce the risk for periodontal disease in the future let’s talk about some of the short-term and long-term effects of having maybe a terrible bite I’ve heard TMJ back here yeah that’s a short-term a long-term one eye a little bit of both it could be short term and long term because see it’s actually called t md t md yeah because TMJ is the actual joint right and that’s like the common term for everyone but it the actual medical term is TMD temporomandibular disorder yeah and so what happens with that is over time when your bite is not really well it gets worse so short term you know it starts bothering you but over time it gets a lot worse what other effects can happen if you don’t have that like people for example start to accumulate plaque especially here in this area with the crowding I see that with a lot of my patients and a lot you know that that also results in like gum inflammation and then later on in life periodontal disease bone loss recession of your gums and then you have sensitivity and everything else we’ve talked about here in the show you
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