Skinny Patients & Fat Transfer Procedure

“We prefer the fat of the thin patients; fats of the obese patient are just bags of oil; we like the craft cells. So, our better results are actually with the fat of the thin patients,” says Dr. Roger Khouri, Plastic Surgeon at Baptist Health South Florida.

He explains they would never turn down a patient for being too thin, they do not tell the patient to gain some weight before the operation, they tell them the opposite: “Lose weight, because when you gain it back your breasts will get larger.”

Here’s a question that perhaps viewers might already be thinking when you hear the word you know fat transfer if someone doesn’t feel like they’re fat enough so to speak or maybe they’re maybe they’re lucky they don’t have unwanted fat they’d want to move to some other part of their body so what would you say to viewers who might be curious about that is there it can you be too thin to have this kind of procedure how do you gauge that how do you measure that as physicians we prefer the fat of the thin patients faculties of the obese patient are just bags of oil okay satella think patient is cell we like the craft cells so our better result are actually with the fat of the thin patients and it’s dr. Calva said we take a thin layer out of a wide area and that we would never turn down a patient for being too thin okay so matter of fact there’s there’s good science on this the as you get the fatter you are what happens is those those fat cells they just get full of oil it’s not that you’re getting more and more of them you just get they’re just nice and enlarged so as imagine those big cells trying to go through our cannulas as they go through our cannulas they lyse they open up they break so you can see how when we’re taking that fat out on an obese patient we’re gonna have less good fat that’s gonna survive we’re gonna have more oil because they break in thin women those cells the same cells are really really small they don’t they’re not full of oil so what happens is is we’re doing liposuction those small little cells going to arcana’s and they all almost all of them survive we have very little oil another interesting fact most most Plastic Surgeons tell the patient or gain some some fat again some weight before your operation we tell them the opposites lose weight because when you gain it back your breasts get larger
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