Signs of Teen Depression | Building Bridges

Being sad is normal, it’s part of life. But teen depression is a serious mental health problem that affects how teenagers think, feel and behave. Depression is more than a temporary feeling, and there are often clear red flags.
Being sad is normal it’s part of life but teen depression is a serious mental health problem that affects how teenagers think feel and behave issues such as peer pressure and sexual orientation can bring a lot of ups and downs but depression is more than a temporary feeling and there are often clear red flags I would say the number one thing I would look for is a significant change from previous functioning right if if my kid looks happy and then all of a sudden is withdrawn is sad was doing really well in school now really really struggling was super connected with peers and now is not that probably would be my number one indication that would be the red flag teen depression isn’t a weakness or something that can be overcome with willpower don’t wait to get help call 2-1-1 a national helpline to find free or low-cost mental health services
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