Vital Signs: Year in Space

Year in Space, Health Channel


What if you have to live somewhere and could never leave, go outside, or experience weather changes like a rainstorm? Could you live that way for six months? That’s the usual length of time an astronaut spends on board the International Space Station.

Now double that to nearly a year, and you have Scott Kelly’s historic mission. The ultimate goal is deep space travel — Mars, and maybe beyond. But the biggest variable keeping us from deep space is ourselves. Scott’s mission was the first step in determining if the human body can mentally and physically withstand the harsh environment of space for that long. But the mission doesn’t end there — Scott has an identical twin, so NASA is studying his twin Mark Kelly as well, back here on Earth.

The answers from this study could change the future of space travel. Join Dr. Gupta as he sits down with Scott and Mark together for their first television interview since Scott’s return, and find out what this year in space mission could mean for us all.

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