Vital Signs: Vaccines

Vaccines, Health Channel

AIRS JUNE 29, 2020 AT 6PM

Polio has been eradicated in 99% of the globe. Today, only three countries remain on the list. One of those countries has just surpassed a big milestone: one year without a case of polio, for the first time ever.

On the next “Vital Signs,” join Dr. Sanjay Gupta as he journeys to the farthest reaches of northern Nigeria with a team of health care workers searching for the last remaining children in need polio vaccinations. The story of polio reflects the health story around the world, both the heroic efforts to reach every child with life-saving vaccines, as well as the challenges.

Along the way, Dr. Gupta will bust common vaccine myths that prevent parents from vaccinating their children. In northern Nigeria, the lessons learned will lead to a healthier future for us all.

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