Vital Signs: The Heart

The Heart, Health Channel


Mia Gonzalez didn’t know what it was like to be a normal child. She had breathing problems and was constantly in the hospital, even just for a common cold. By the time she was four years old, doctors had solved the mystery – it was a rare heart condition that was choking Mia from the inside.

Heart surgery on this little girl was necessary, yet risky. But a 3D printer would provide some clarity in a complex situation. With the heart in particular, no two are ever the same.

Having an exact model of Mia’s heart printed before the operation allowed the surgeons in Miami to create a plan long before they operated on Mia. It’s just another way heart surgery is changing today. From robotic heart surgery in Abu Dhabi, to a transplant system that keeps the heart warm and beating outside the body, technology is changing the way we save hearts around the world

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