Vital Signs: Reversing Disease

Reversing Disease, Health Channel


The weakness began to spread, first from his arm muscles to his legs. Mike McDuff knew something was wrong, but he never expected to hear the three letters that would change his life – ALS. Mike was diagnosed with the devastating neurodegenerative disease in 2012. Doctors told him there wasn’t much they could do, and sent him home to get his affairs in order.

Mike’s condition deteriorated — wheelchair-bound and eating only through a feeding tube, unable to speak. Then, a suggestion from a friend led him to one last chance; he figured he didn’t have anything left to lose. Mike tried a nutritional supplement, and started to see improvement. He regained the ability to swallow and speak. Four years later, he is managing the symptoms of this terrible disease, and while not cured, has a better quality of life. 

Join Dr. Gupta as he explores the rare but important world of disease reversal. Meet the teams of doctors tracking down rare cases of disease reversals from ALS to strokes to diabetes. Mike’s case is certainly the exception, not the rule — but it’s what we can learn by studying these rare cases like Mike’s that can make all the difference.

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