Vital Signs: Genius and Creativity

Genius and Creativity, Health Channel


Five-year-old Aidan’s day starts like many other children’s, with a sleepy-eyed bus ride to school. But Aidan is getting his education in Singapore, the country that boasts the highest performing school system and is ranked the smartest country in the world. Aidan is one of the smartest kids in the smartest country, with a chart-topping IQ score.

A world away in Los Angeles, some of the funniest people on the planet gather for an improv show at a famous comedy club every Thursday night. They’ll be the first to tell you they’re no geniuses, but the level of creativity and quick wit they demonstrate suggests otherwise.

On the next “Vital Signs,” CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the theory of nature vs. nurture when it comes to genius and creativity in the brain. How much of our smarts and our creative tendencies are innate, and how much can we learn?

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