Plastic Surgery: Expectation vs. Reality

Dr. Xiaoti Xu, Plastic Surgeon, Mia Aesthetics with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, says it is your doctor’s job to tamper the expectations. “How your results are aren’t just going to be because of the implant or the surgeon; it really has to do with your body, your shape, your size, and how you are going to change.”

He also explains the results will depend on how you are and the procedures you are going through, and you can’t match how your body is going to change to someone who’s 18 or 19 years old.

Another thing I feel when it comes to plastic surgery especially here in South Florida is matching that expectation with reality obviously as a doctor I’m sure you have patients coming in with photos and I want to look like this I want to I wan my augmentation this size so how do you work with a patient to see what’s gonna work best for them I think it’s really important to actually talk about that and it’s a really great point because a lot of times people look at Instagram they look at videos they look at celebrities and say I want to be exactly like that right and it’s your doctor’s job to tell you to tamper your expectations to tell you that what’s possible not possible and that’s a really important thing when you meet your doctor and talk to them before surgery at that pre-op evaluation because how your results are aren’t just gonna be because of the implant or the surgeon it really has to do with your body your shape your size and how you’re gonna change and that’s a really important conversation where the two of you have that that talk has ever been a situation where you’ve had to sort of stop and say hey we’re not gonna do this or there are limits to what we can do totally my favorite example was I had a patient who wanted a tummy tuck and breast lift and she brought in an Instagram photo of this model she said I won’t look at look like this and I looked at her and I said that woman’s very pretty but please put this away because there is no possible way that we can go from point A to point B it’s nothing against you but just because of how you are and the procedures you’re going through you can’t match how your body is gonna change to someone who’s 18 19 20 who’s a totally different age and just kind of looks completely different you
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