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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

There are some tips to help you choose a plastic surgeon. Dr. Ricardo Castrellon, Director of South Miami Hospital’s Burn Center, gives some of them, such as considering your surgical goals, your medical conditions, and your drug allergies.

We have a list of some topics to consider with your plastic surgeon so let’s go through them and talk about why they are important so your surgical goals this is I feel like a realistic conversation that a patient and a doctor needs to have because as much as they bring you pictures we also have to be realistic correct yes for sure definitely a surgical goals or something important so what as a what does a patient want and what can I achieve as a surgeon are very important that things that we should discuss for sure now medical conditions drug allergies why are these important as well as I told you the number one at our number one objective in an or checklist as a physician is obviously make sure that the patient is a surgical candidate there are certain medical conditions that might preclude or put you at a higher risk for complications and these things have to be noted to the patients there or they gotta be made aware that they’re gonna be at higher risk for those complications in addition to the in smoking we make sure the patient it’s not smoking because smoking is going to be associated with a significant risk of complications and you do not want to entail this risk for some this risks especially for an elective intervention the last year we have previous medical treatments using medications and previous surgeries as well yes for sure previous surgeries can definitely affect the at the anatomy of the patient and if we’re not aware of you don’t discuss this with your with your plastic surgeon there’s potential pitfalls that you can entail patients will tell you we have never had any no surgery you examine the patient we’re gonna go for a primary four rhinoplasty and next thing you’ll find the disaster you

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