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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Xiaoti Xu, Plastic Surgeon, Mia Aesthetics with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, says you want your surgeon to be well-trained in plastic surgery, so you have to find they have an ASPS logo from the association of plastic surgeons, and also you can search to see if someone is board-certified on the website.

“It takes quite a long time for someone to be certified in plastic surgery. I’ve done eight years of training and practice for a full year, but I’m still in the process of testing to become board-certified.”

So what are some of the red flags that people should watch out for for looking for a plastic surgeon I feel like I have to start with this question all the time yes being in South Florida I think is a pretty common question and I was a really important question you first of all want your surgeon to be well trained in plastic surgery so you want to look for a SPS logo which is the Association of Plastic Surgery logo and if you want to sure that they’re certified by the American Board of plastic surgery you can go to a bps org to look at there’s a search option for you to see if they’re board-certified it’s actually takes quite a long time for a person to be certified in plastic surgery okay so I’ve been finished in my training about a year and a half now and I’m still not board-certified I’m what’s called board eligible meaning that I’ve done eight years of training and plastic surgery I practice as a plastic surgeon for a full year but I’m still in the process of my you know testing she become board sort of certified so it’s that rigorous process for someone to be a full-blown plastic surgeon if you see someone’s website they say cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic surgeon or things like that those are things that kind of look looks like a red flag unless they have something else to back it with right absolute so now how long before that certification of board-certified surgeon comes through so I am taking my boards in November so I get to spend three days in Arizona where people grill me on all the surgeries I’ve done and surgeries I don’t know about so it’s gonna be interesting you

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