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Breast Reconstruction Interview with Dr. Xiaoti Xu

There are two types of breast reconstruction: autologous, meaning tissue from part of the body (back muscle, lower abdominal fat or gluteal fat), and using implants, says Dr. Xiaoti Xu, Plastic Surgeon with West Kendall Baptist Hospital.

Some women could need implants because they can’t have reconstruction because of anatomic or medical issues, the specialist describes.

The surgeon has to become a friend of the woman with the intention of guiding her to choose the best option for her, he says.

Doctor let’s talk about the different types of breast reconstruction I know we heard a little bit from the other doctor but if you could clarify the options for women today. Sure like Dr. Mendez that said they’re in general are two types of reconstruction autologous meaning tissue from your part of the body she mentioned using tissue from your abdomen that’s the most common there’s other parts of the body that we can use as well from whether your back muscle or your lower abdominal fat or fat from your gluteals other options using implants like Dr. Mendez always also said there are some people who can’t have reconstruction using one the other based on certain anatomic or medical issues but for the majority of patients both options are sort of on the table and the option they choose is really the patient preference and that’s the difficult and erwhelming thing about the breast reconstruction it’s because not only is a patient dealing with how to treat their disease and the multiple treatment options they’re also faced with multiple treatment ptions on how to do their reconstruction so any person even the most educated person finding verything on the internet when they come in sort of kind of circle back to what you’re saying when they come into the office they’re overwhelmed because there’s just so many options and no one can really tell what’s right and what’s wrong and that’s really where it’s important for their plastic surgeon to be someone not only a physician but a friend and someone that they can trust help and guide through this to pick the option that’s the most right for them.

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