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Breast Reconstruction & Exercise

Surgeons recommend about four weeks of not lifting anything that is heavy, if a woman had a breast reconstruction.
Dr. Miguel Angel Medina, Director of Microsurgery with the Miami Cancer Institute, explains that after four weeks, women begin their physical therapy. After 6 weeks, patients can return to their exercise program.
The expert says in the case of flap operations, the deadline extends to six weeks.

And I’m curious for women like Caroline and for many women out there who are athletic they play tennis they run like Caroline does how soon can they start exercising and what advice would you
give them in general our recommendations are that about four weeks of no lifting anything that’s heavy where they have full range of motion so we allow them to move their shoulders we allow them to move their elbow but we don’t want them to do anything with weight nothing more than 1015 pounds of weight or force with the arms for about four weeks and about four weeks then we start talking about letting you go to physical therapy a range of motion exercises and increasing full weight-bearing at six weeks we have no restrictions whatsoever so those patients are able to go back and do everything that they were doing pre surgery and work on their physical conditioning from there yeah with flap operations the timeline is a little bit more extended in that we don’t want any real weight bearing it for another about six weeks in total compared to four weeks for implant based breast reconstruction you

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