Benefits of Fat Transfer Procedure

Some of the benefits of fat grafting are: there is no foreign object in your body, it has a quick recovery, there are no cuts or incision, it is minimally invasive and there are no implant problems.

“We’re not playing with your muscle, so your muscle is intact; there’s no animation; there’s no rippling; there’s no capsule to be formed; you don’t have a foreign body that’s gonna potentially cause problems and you get liposuction, you get rid of the fat you don’t want it, then you put it the way you want it,” says Dr. Daniel Calva, Plastic Surgeon at Baptist Health South Florida.

Some of the benefits also with fat grafting you mentioned there’s a quicker recovery what are some of the other benefits that come with this as far as there’s no foreign objects in the body from for number one quicker recovery as you mentioned and some of the other benefits permanence is your own tissue okay alright and and there’s no scar you owe nobody will ever know you haven’t you have it done that’s great and we actually have a list of some of the other benefits as well there’s there’s no cuts no incisions I mean that to me was amazing we’re not playing with your muscle so your muscle is intact there’s no animation there’s no rippling there’s no capsule to be formed you don’t have a foreign body that’s gonna potentially cause problems and often sighs is it too far it’s due for one you get liposuction you get rid of the fat you don’t want it then you put it the way you want it that’s the mean sounds perfect you get rid of this in one place and put in some more weight you need exactly and and again and to be serious to it is again minimally invasive I mean most people nowadays in any kind of procedure most people I think are fearful when something is an invasive procedure so this is an option that’s not but there’s a caveat okay you got to do it right of course and you have to have a reasonable expectation an implant you could put 600 cc boom it’s there this is it’s subtle this is more natural this you’re not gonna get a Dolly Parton enlargement with that this is not something that you could notice across the room which is this is something most women really want to have they want to have a Sutton with just something make him feel a little fuller in their clothes without having to go through a foreign body in incision etc
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